WiFiMan Desktop app

When teaching the UBWA class, I have had students download the Device Discovery Tool from the Ubiquiti download page, but recently we’ve run into a problem with the tool.  In order to run it you have to have Java installed, but the Device Discovery tool doesn’t work with the latest version of Java, version 8 update 291.  In order to run the tool you need Java version 8 update 251, and it’s difficult to find Java 8.251.  if you want the old discovery tool You can download Java 8.251 64bit here https://www.filepuma.com/download/java_runtime_environment_64bit_8.0.2510.8-25279/ 

Then you can install the old Device Discovery tool from here: https://www.ui.com/download/utilities/default/default/device-discovery-tool-java-all-platforms

However, you may want to try the new WiFiMan desktop app instead. It runs discovery just like the Java tool but it runs as an executable file. It can run on Windows, Linux, and MAC. The problem I found is that it’s hard to find the download location for it. The app isn’t fully functional yet so the version that you download says it’s version 0.2.2.

You can download the desktop app here:


As for now, we are kind of stuck in-between tools. People are having trouble with the Discovery of devices through WiFiMan.  The Java version works well, but only on the older version of java.

My advice is to try them both and see what works for you. For now, I’m going to use the old Java based tool and hope that the WiFIMan Desktop app is released in a functional version soon.