Eric Weber’s Wi-Fi Training to get you to the Next Step


UNS Training

UNS Philadelphia Jan 29
UNS Chicago Feb 05
UNS Jacksonville Feb 11
UNS Phoenix Feb 15
UNS Kansas City Mar 17
UNS Greenville Mar 25

UBWA Training

UBWA, Philadelphia Jan 27/28
UBWA, Chicago Feb 03/04
UBWA, Phoenix Feb 13/14
UBWA, Jacksonville Feb 24/25
UBWA, Wears Valley Mar 10/11
UBWA, Kansas City Mar 17/18
UBWA, Greenville SC Mar 23/24

UBRSS Training

UEWA Training

UEWA, Philadelphia Jan 29/30
UEWA, Chicago Feb 5/6
UEWA, Phoenix Feb 11/12
UEWA, Jacksonville Feb 26/27
UEWA, Wears Valley Mar 12/13
UEWA, Kansas City Mar 19/20
UEWA, Greenville Mar 25/26

Note: All courses are subject to minimum attendance.

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