The Unauthorized Guide To Ubiquiti Routing And Switching Vol1

The Ubiquiti Routing And Switching Manual is a must have for the entry level Routing Student who may be new to the Ubiquiti Routing Operating System. A detailed look at both the theoretical overview and the actual working commands, with detailed step by step instructions on setting up both Switches and Routers. Configuration walk through for VLANs and setting up static and dynamic routing. Targeted for the beginner, this book will help you with basic configurations, and will offer lots of advice along the way.

The Unauthorized Ubiquiti Radio and Access Point Handbook: Deploying, configuring, and troubleshooting Ubiquiti Radios and Access Points

The Unauthorized Ubiquiti Radio and Access Point Handbook is a very robust examination of Ubiquiti radios. This volume details setting up and troubleshooting Outdoor airMAX radios, and indoor UniFi Access points. It also goes over all of the configuration and best practices of deploying UniFi devices using the UniFi Controller software. It covers configuration of the airMAX software, and includes tips on best practice deployments. There is also an entire chapter dedicated to troubleshooting practices for both UniFi and airMAX. There are sections dedicated to site survey best practices, and boils down the actual physics of wireless communication. Interested in what is the best device for your setup? We have that covered here. Whether you are a seasoned wireless professional or a beginner, this book will help you further your understanding of wireless, airMAX, and UniFi. Kevin Houser and Eric Weber are Ubiquiti certified Instructors, and between them have many years of practical wireless experience.