Are you interested in Wireless Internet for less than $40 a month?

Dependable: Our networks are built with the best equipment proven to work with multiple people connected at the same time. Other networks may provide good signal but unless you are using the best equipment the signal will drop when many people try to connect.
Affordable: Our networks make internet service affordable for all residents saving individuals hundreds of dollars. Units that have short term vacation rentals are more attractive if wireless intemet service is available to guests. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you don’t like our service just stop the contract. But we believe that you will love us and want to have us providing your intemet.
For Individual or Total HOA complex Price contact us.
No equipment fee or setup fee
Secure: Our networks ensure that only authorized residents and guests use your service. You will not be sharing your internet with anybody that drives by.

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Are you interested in Video Surveillance

What does Video Surveillance Offer the Apartment Manager?
• Offsite monitoring ensures security of your recorded surveillance.
• Ability to monitor activity in at the pool area, club house, parking lots, hallways, and laundry facilities from anywhere.
• Ability to view from your phone or personal home computer any time day or night.
• Access to review recorded events and provide them to law enforcement for criminal identi-fication if a crime is committed or simply call and request the video clip be delivered to you.
• Presence of video surveillance is a deterrent to criminal activity and vandalism.
What will it offer the residents?
• Residents will have greater peace of mind by knowing that video surveillance systems deter criminal activity and vandalism and assist in capture and conviction should a crime occur.
• Residents will have access to preview public areas such as pool area, club house areas, and other facilities for activity and availability.
• Residents will also be able to access camera views via intemet to observe activity in laundry area for availability before loading all of their laundry and laundry supplies.

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Locally Owned and Operated
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