Training with then Cloud Gen2+

This weekend I’m headed to Orlando to teach a Sat/Sun class on UniFI. I’ve started using the UCK-Gen2+ and creating “sites” for each user. This is turning out much better than having students create their own controller on their PC. It still gives students the capability to configure the controller. Now each student gets two ports on a switch and they connect their computer and an AP into a VLAN that’s created prior to class. That way they can control the AP and make config changes.

This week I’m bringing along a SHD that we can look at because it has AirView and AIrTool on it. Two very nice tools that I’d like students to see. We are still using the AC-Lite APs, which I like a lot.

I recently bought an LTE, but I haven’t installed it yet. Maybe we will get a chance in an upcoming class. I’d like to use it because WiFi in the hotels is almost always sketchy. Hopefully I can transition over soon and make it part of the class.