At wifi-U, we love our WISPs and our Church IT volunteers!
We recently completed a Ubiquiti Wireless Administrator class with members from Crows Nest IT Support and Liberty Live Church in Rockville, MD. Despite some networking difficulties due to the Marriott disabling its ethernet connections, Ryan Haag, our dashingly handsome and brilliant trainer, managed to bring in Internet using a Ubiquiti Mobility Router. Ryan brought our students up to speed on all the new equipment Ubiquiti has to offer and the best way to configure large wireless LANs. Our students had a blast and spent much of their time configuring actual equipment in the classroom.
If you’re ready to get the most out of your Ubiquiti installation, sign up for one of our upcoming classes, or reach out to schedule a class at your location! Leaving your WiFi in “Auto” is like driving a sports car in second gear…don’t be that guy, let us help you make the most of your WiFi.
Crowsnest IT Support serves businesses and their needs in Altoona, State College, Bedford, Johnstown, and Huntingdon areas. You can learn more about them here: About Us | Crowsnest IT Support | Altoona | State College | Bedford | Johnstown Pa – Crowsnest IT Support
Liberty Live Church ministers to the Hampton Roads area in one of many churches. You can learn more about them here: About | Liberty Live Church
I’m teaching the switching/routing class today, then heading home. If you need to call me, I’m a captive audience in my car likely starting at 4:30 onwards.

Author: Ryan Haag