Wi-Fi Calculator from Ubiquiti

Check out this new tool from Ubiquiti that can help you see the effects on throughput for different devices. It’s at http://wifi.ui.com

How it works. There are five variables on the tool that will let you see what the expected throughput is for a client device.

First, you can change Access Points and leave everything else static. At the high end you can use the U7 Pro and see that you can get up to 2.16 Gbps. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the Swiss Army Knife coming in at 300Mbps.

Second, you can see what effect channel usage would have on throughput. For example, I can set the AP to U7 and use a Wi-Fi 6 adapter and with zero channel usage I can see that I can get 1.8Gbps.

But with 20% Channel Utilization the throughput drops to 900Mbps.

I can also see the effect of Channel Width, different client devices, and the effect of distance away from the AP. Look what happens to throughput when I move away from the AP. I move from 900Mbps to 540Mbps at a mere 10 meters away from the AP.

It’s a good lesson to see what happens with different channel widths and distances, and what effect different APs have on throughput. Give it a spin if you are interested in understanding how APs work.

Author: Eric Weber