Ryan Saves Canada
WiFi-U is proud to work with our Canadian partner TDL Gentek to provide the Ubiquiti Wireless Admin (UWA) and Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin (UBWA) courses in Moncton, Canada. Cross-border coordination is very difficult, but TDL Gentek hooked us up with Ubiquiti equipment and shipped it straight to Harvest House Atlantic (HHA), our training host. We then sent Ryan Haag, our devilishly handsome trainer to brave the Canadian moose and maple syrup to teach our classes at HHA.
Harvest House Atlantic has spent over 25 years helping Canadians dealing with homelessness, drug addiction and mental health issues get a hot meal, live in affordable housing and break free from the chains of addiction. The Director of Operations and IT was one of our students, and during class Ryan covered the various ways Ubiquiti equipment could save HHA money:
– With ISP Design Center, Ryan demonstrated how HHA could link 8 buildings together with a single UISP Wave AP, making it easier to supply WiFi in HHA’s affordable housing units.
– In the UWA class, Ryan covered WLAN design for older buildings and safe guest WiFi practices, perfect for HHA’s housing units.
– Ryan demonstrated how shifting to Unifi Talk would save Harvest House over $500/month while supplying better phone service than before.
Author: Ryan Haag