Broadband Training at Microseismic

Recently I got a chance to teach the Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless course to a group of engineers down in Houston, Texas. MicroSeismic deploys a type of underground radio probe that helps oil companies find oil deposits fractures. Their technology relies on very low frequency radio waves that penetrate the earth’s core for many miles.

They use the Ubiquiti Airmax AP’s to create a large grid that connects multiple probes and allows them to manage all the devices throughout a deployment area.

The probes go down approx. 200’ in the ground and then have a control box that can connect into a switch that the Airmax AP is also connected to.

We spent two days reviewing the AirMax AC devices and the M series AirMax APs. The company uses both, as sometimes they need to use 2.4GHz devices in their large territory deployments. We went through how to do Point to Point and Point to Multipoint connections with both technologies and worked on how to have the clearest signals on long distance connections.

For Microseismic, the data they are transferring isn’t very intensive, so we talked about the advantages of smaller channels and how they are less prone to interference. We had a great time testing all their different equipment and making it work. The guys were real easy to work with and I felt like we accomplished a lot, and I had a great time learning about their underground wireless technology!