What is the WA program?

There is a large variety of WLAN analysis tools available in today’s market – many expensive and complicated. The Wireless Adjuster course is designed for WLAN engineers and technicians and focuses on WLAN best practice assessment/remediation and the first 80% of troubleshooting tasks.
This course includes in-depth discussions and advanced-level uses of WLAN scanners and tools integrated with them. The Wireless Adjuster course will take your practical WLAN troubleshooting skills to an entirely new level of efficiency and accuracy.

Why is the WA important to wi-fi?

There is a significant gap between the theory of IEEE 802.11 protocol analysis and its practical application in WLAN best practice assessment/remediation and troubleshooting.
Analyzing millions of 802.11 frames is unnecessary in 80% (or more!) of WLAN troubleshooting scenarios. A more practical tool, the WLAN scanner, is not only sufficient, but far more efficient at sorting, filtering, and finding needles in haystacks. This course also teaches when using a WLAN scanner is most appropriate, verses using other WLAN analysis tools.

What are the benefits of the WA?

  • Learning to effectively use a WLAN scanner may save you many thousands of dollars on complicated, unnecessary WLAN monitoring platforms.
  • This course can help to reduce truck rolls, while simultaneously allowing field technicians to work more effectively with support engineers.
  • The Wireless Adjuster course ensures that engineers maximize the value of their WLAN scanner, enabling them to quickly assess WLAN deployments, and to take the most appropriate security and performance remediation steps.

What will students LEARN and DO?

LEARN: Best practice assessment, appropriate and expedient remediation steps, and efficient troubleshooting across three knowledge domains: 1) connectivity, 2) performance, and 3) security. This course will sharply hone your observation, analysis, and optimization skills.
DO: There will be a short presentation and lab prep work at the beginning of the course. This will be followed by WLAN scanner (and integrated tools) familiarization labs (including 802.11 protocol analysis within the WLAN scanner). The next step is a series of “canned” labs that help the student get more familiar with the WLAN scanner and its use in the troubleshooting process. Finally, there will be a series of team-competition LIVE LABS where the instructor configures a variety of “Bad-Fi” scenarios, and students compete to find the WLAN deficiencies. This will be the most fun WLAN class you have ever attended – guaranteed!


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