Duration: 2 days
Outcomes: By the end of this training session, the student will be able to manage quality of service for the network by using RouterOS
queues, firewall and other features
Target audience: Network engineers and technicians wanting to control the traffic flow in the network
Course prerequisites: MTCNA certificate

Course Outline

Packet flow diagram

• Why this diagram is necessary?
• Full overview of all things covered by diagram
• Simple examples how packet travels through the diagram (routing, bridging, connection to
router etc.) + LAB
• More complex examples of diagram usage + LAB

Firewall filter/nat/mangle

• Connection tracking
• Filter + LAB
• Mangle + LAB
• Some complicated rule “conditions” covered (“advanced”, “extra” tab) + LAB
• uPNP

Quality of Service 

• Burst + LAB
• Queue types
• Simple queues + LAB
• Simple queue and queue tree interaction

DNS client/cache

• Basic configuration + LAB
• Static DNS Entry + LAB

DHCP client/relay/server

• DHCP communication analysis
• DHCP-client identification/ configuration + LAB
• DHCP server configuration: + LAB
• DHCP relay configuration + LAB

Web Proxy

• Basic configuration
• Proxy rule lists
• Regular expression + LAB

MTCTCE outline