Online 09/19 – Intro to Unifi Networking


The Intro to Unifi Networking (IUN) course is a one-day, 6 hours a day, online training  focused on the most important concepts in Wireless Local Area Network and Enterprise Wireless Networking, concentrating on best practices for deploying and configuration UniFi WLANs.
Learn with hands-on lab activities using the latest generation of UniFi APs, as well as the UniFi Controller platform.

Our Ubiquiti certified Instructor will use Zoom online and slides to supplement lecture.

wifi-U will provide:
1. the slides in PDF format to your email so they can be reviewed or printed if you choose to.
2. live instruction via Zoom 7:30 am to 11:00 am. And 12:00 pm to 3:00pm Eastern Time.
3. a link for the Zoom session

Each trainee will need:
1. Ubiquiti Access Point (examples are AC-Lite, AC-LR, AC-Pro, HD-Flex, HD-Nano, AC-Mesh, AC In-Wall)*
2. A POE injector*
3. Optional Equipment – Unifi Cloud Key, Unifi Dream Machine, Security Gateway (USG)*
4. A laptop with an “ethernet network interface card” Is there another name for this? Or a picture of the input on the laptop?
5.  Two ethernet cables
6. good WiFi

*When distributors are out of stock, they may be available directly from

If there are more than 1 of you in the same room taking the course together::
1. A hardwired internet access
2. wifi
3. It is suggested that you have a USW 8/150 switch.

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Course Outline

• Names and introductions – 20 minutes

Network configuration Fundamentals – 3.5 Hours

  • Network Equipment – Switches, Routers, Access Points, Controllers, – 30 Minutes
  • WLAN Standards – 802.11b, g, a, n, ac, ax, – 30 Minutes
  • Lab: Install Controller, adopt access point, walk-through of Controller – 90 minutes
  • Useful Apps – 30 Minutes
  • Review: 30 Minutes

WLAN – 3.0 Hours

  • 4 vs 5GHz – 15 Minutes
  • 20, 40,80, and 160 MHz Channels -30 Minutes
  • Signal and Interference – 30 Minutes
  • Lab: Remote connection – 30 minutes
  • AP Settings – 30 Minutes
  • Controller Settings – 30 Minutes
  • UniFi Cloud and Phone App -30 Minutes
  • Review – 30 Minutes
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