06/24-25 Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin – Richmond VA



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The Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin course is a two-day, in-class training course focused on the most important concepts in Enterprise Wireless Networking, with special emphasis on best practices for designing/managing UniFi WLANs. Learn with hands-on lab activities using the latest generation of UniFi APs, as well as the UniFi Controller platform.



Course Outline

WLAN Fundamentals

  • Unlicensed Radio Spectrum
  • Channel Operation
  • Regulatory Domains
  • WLAN Standards
  • Wireless Access Methods
  • Network Equipment

WLAN Planning

  • Wireless Technology
  • Coverage & Channels
  • TX Power
  • Antenna Gain
  • Channel Availability
  • Signals vs. Noise
  • Airtime, Capacity & Density
  • Mixed Networks


  • Site Surveys
  • Overlap
  • Wiring & PoE
  • Benchmarking

Basic Adoption & Configuration

  • Multi-Site
  • Layer-2 Adoption
  • WLAN Groups
  • SSID, Security & VLANs
  • Analytics

Advanced Adoption & Guests

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Layer-3 Adoption
  • Discovery, SSH, DNS & DHCP
  • Minimum RSSI
  • Zero-Handoff Roaming
  • Guest Portal
  • Access Controls
  • Customization
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