03/23-24 Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin – Charlotte, NC


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The Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin course is a two-day, in-class training course that teaches the most important concepts in Outdoor Wireless Networking, with special emphasis on how to design, build, manage, and troubleshoot WISP networks. Course materials & lab activities teach with airOS-8 using airMAX AC equipment.

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Course Outline

RF Theory

  • Frequency vs. Propagation
  • Unlicensed Bands
  • OFDM Spectral Masks
  • Licensed Frequencies
  • Decibels in RF Systems
  • Free Space Path Loss
  • EIRP
  • Line of Sight & Fresnel Zones
  • Link Power Budgets
  • Fade Margin

Radio Operation

  • Standard RF Circuit
  • Carrier Signals
  • Radio Sensitivity
  • Radio Selectivity
  • Signal, Noise & Interference
  • Chains, Data Rates & MIMO
  • Thermal Noise
  • Channel Flexing
  • airPrism Technology
  • Modulation, EVM & Data Rates

Antenna Theory

  • What is Gain?
  • Isotropic Radiators
  • Antenna Function
  • Gain, Efficiency & VSWR
  • Gain, Surface Area & Directivity
  • Polar Plots
  • MIMO, Polarization & XPD
  • Types of Antennas
  • Antenna Alignment
  • Downtilt, Lobes & Nulls

Ubiquiti Service Providers

  • TDMA & airMAX Protocol
  • 802.11, CSMA/CA & Indoor
  • Problem of Hidden Node
  • airMAX-AC, airOS-6 & -8
  • Traffic Shaping & Burst
  • Scalability vs. Performance
  • Security & VLANs
  • airFiber Technology & Protocols
  • airOS Tools & Redudancy
  • Bridged vs. Routed ISP
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